Welcome back to the Merced College blog space! In our first post, we were delighted with the opportunity to disclose a bit about who we are and what our mission is here at one of the top community colleges in California. We encourage you to go back and read if you get the chance, but for the sake of making sure everyone is on the same page, the long and short of that post can be summarized by restating our motto: Students are our focus and we are known by their success.

We have a passion for helping students, from all backgrounds and of all ages, learn more about themselves, the world, and their place in it — without shackling themselves with debt in order to do it. The beauty of our California CC is that our students have a range of degrees and programs at their fingertips. Today’s post isn’t going to concern those programs and areas of study so much as highlighting what students experience, and have experienced, when they come to our California community college called Merced. Before we dive straight into it, however, allow us to say a few words about why these student testimonials mean so much to us.

Why We Highlight The Voice Of Our Students

No matter if we are talking about a university, a “ma and pa shop” down the road, or a huge corporation, there’s no mistaking that people are more influenced by online reputation than ever before. It goes well beyond finding a local plumber or reputable restaurant to eat at too — it’s the greatest word-of-mouth network the world has ever seen. That being said, when you find an organization, such as a California CC, that has a wealth of glowing testimonials, we think it’s worth making mention of.

Finally, in a world where so many people go out of their way to express displeasure concerning something they’ve paid their hard-earned money for, be it tuition or otherwise, we greatly appreciate our students taking the time to speak positively about our institution.

That being said, let’s take a look at what our students, past and present, are saying about their time spent at Merced!

“I Am Very Impressed!!”

“I am a student at Merced College along with my teenage children. We are not the typical students you would find here. I have a doctorate and both of my children are high school age. However, all three of us find value in the educational and growth development opportunities that Merced College has to offer. From the selection of classes, to the high professional and experienced instructors and staff to the extracurricular activities, all of the above have proved to add value to each of our lives. I am very impressed!!” – Lakisha Jenkins, September 10, 2016, Five Stars

Lakisha, we agree, you and your family’s situation here at Merced is far from ordinary! It’s also wonderful, which is a big reason we wanted to highlight this testimonial in particular. We are of the opinion that when a student who already boasts a doctorate is proud enough to have her family attend, along with herself, it speaks volumes about the quality of education we strive to provide. Thank you for your kind words and for making Merced a better place with your presence alone, Lakisha.

“Does Anyone Remember Me?”

“My favorite class was medical terminology and modern dance, that’s been many moons ago, I just turned 74 Valentine’s day, was in my 40’s back then, I play acoustic guitar, rhythm and I took a class to try to learn how to play lead, I couldn’t understand the math that goes along with it, teacher got frustrated and said, can you do anything on that guitar, I picked it up and played rhythm and sang and teacher picked his up and joined me. I got a great applause. I also gave the answer away on a test because I didn’t read instructions at the beginning, I got some thank you Wanda, teacher wasn’t too pleased and I said ooops, I took an art class and won a blue ribbon on two of my paintings, I know it’s been a long time but does anyone remember me?” – Wanda Lewis, February 18, Five Stars

Wanda, we were touched by your words and sharp memory! Since Merced’s founding in 1962, we’ve cherished the relationships with Merced alum that we’ve been lucky enough to maintain over the years. Your story and kind words have not gone unnoticed, so we can decidedly say, you are remembered, Wanda! And Wanda, keep in mind that we offer continuing education courses for folks of all ages — it’s never the right time to stop learning!

“The Music Teacher I Have…Teaches Like Robin Williams In Dead Poets Society”

I am a new student at Merced junior college & so far, I am very happy with the outcome. All of my teachers are great!! They actually teach us like they want to be there! My English teacher this fall semester – professor Mumford is great. It’s only the second day of school & I am so awed with how much he has already taught in two days. The music teacher I have is also great. He teaches like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. Anyway, other than the great teachers I have this semester – every time I get lost or have a question, everyone jumps up & helps me right Away & everyone has been so sweet!!!” – Elisha Danielle Thomas, August 17, 2016, Five Stars

Elisha, this is the kind of review that makes us inspired to wake up in the morning and keep giving it our all. We are also thrilled that you highlighted the legend that is Professor Mumford, along with this mystery music teacher of ours! As far as we are concerned, anyone who is likened to the late great Robin Williams is worth mentioning. We are lucky to be able to have such passionate, caring, and knowledgeable instructors at our California community college! Thanks again for taking the time to give a shout-out to two wonderful professors, Elisha.

“I Love My Coworkers And The Students!”

“I love Merced College. I have been teaching Fitness classes here for almost 30 years. I love my co-workers and the students! It’s very rewarding to see the students improved their physical condition and learn the importance of exercise!” – Ofie Cruz, August 16, 2017, Five Stars

This professor is a favorite on this campus, and not just because of their glowing, five-star reviews! Three decades is a long time to be teaching anywhere, and we are honored that this professor has chosen to dedicate their passion and energy here with us at Merced. We are sure that a significant reason why Ofie has done so is due to the quality students and colleagues alike. The culture at Merced is a draw in its own right! Thanks, Professor Cruz, for your continued excellence and taking the time to give us your perspective.

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