Associate Degrees In California: Because learning is a continual process of self-discovery, students are encouraged to keep an open mind about their potential and options. California community colleges have unique relationships with the University of California and California State University systems so that students can move easily from a two-year to a four-year college. With proper planning, students can earn an associate’s degree while fulfilling the lower division requirements of a four-year school. When choosing courses at Merced College, students are encouraged to keep their options open for transfer. It’s just one more reason to consider getting your associate degree from Merced College.

Certificates of Achievement: Students interested in taking only the occupational major area classes will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement from Merced College upon the successful completion of the final occupational major area course. A minimum 2.0 grade point or better is required in the area of concentration, and a minimum of 12 units must be taken at Merced College. You can find additional information about the courses and degrees on offer below.

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For more information about Merced College degree and certificate requirements and educational planning please contact a Merced College counselor or click on a degree link above. Additional information about Associate Degrees for Transfer can be found at:

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Merced College awards Associate Degrees, Associate Degrees for Transfer or Certificates in the following areas:


  • AA-T = Associate in Arts (A.A.-T.) Degree for Transfer
  • AS-T = Associate in Science (A.S.-T.) Degree for Transfer
  • AA = Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree
  • AS = Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree
  • CE = Certificate requiring 6 to fewer than 18 semester units (Not approved by Chancellor’s Office)
  • CB = Certificate requiring 12 to fewer than 18 semester units (Approved by Chancellor’s Office)
  • CL = Certificate requiring 18 to fewer than 30 semester units
  • CT = Certificate requiring 30 to fewer than 60 semester units
  • CF = Certificate requiring 60 or more semester units
  • CO = Other credit award, under 6 semester units

All (By Subject Area)


  • Agricultural Chemicals (CL)
  • Agriculture Business (AS, CT)
  • Animal Science (AS, CT)
  • Compact Power Equipment (CL)
  • Crop Science (AS, AA, CT)
  • Equine Science and Management (AS, CT)
  • General Agriculture (AA, CT)
  • General Agriculture: Advanced (AS)
  • Landscape Horticulture (AS, CT)
  • Mechanized Agriculture Technology (AS, CT)


  • Anthropology (AAT)


  • Art (AA)
  • Studio Arts (AAT)

Automotive Technology

  • Automotive Technology (AA)
  • Body and Fender (CL)
  • Engine Performance (CL)
  • Master Auto Technology (AA, CT)
  • Suspension and Brakes (CL)
  • Transmissions (CL)


  • Biological Science (AS)


  • Biotechnology-Industry (CTE)(AS)
  • Biotechnology (CB)


  • Accounting (AA, CT)
  • Administrative Medical Office Professional (AA, CT)
  • Administrative Office Professional (AA, CT)
  • Business Administration (AST)
  • General Business (AA, CT)
  • Management/Supervisory Training (AA, CT)
  • Marketing (AA, CT)
  • Real Estate (AA, CL)
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (AA, CT)


  • Chemistry (AS)

Child Development

  • Early Childhood Education (AST)
  • Child Development (AA)
  • Child Development: Early Intervention Assistant Specialization (CT)
  • Child Development: Families In Crisis Specialization (CT)
  • Child Development: Infant/Toddler Care Specialization (CT)
  • Child Development: School Age Care Specialization (CT)


  • Communication Studies (AA-T)

Computer Science

  • Computer Science (AST)
  • Management Information Systems (AS)

Criminal Justice & Corrections

  • Administration of Justice (AS-T)
  • Corrections (AA, CT) *Discontinued effective Summer 2016
  • Criminal Justice (AA, CT)

Diesel Equipment

  • Diesel Equipment Technology (AS, CT)


  • CAD Drafting – Architectural Design (CT)
  • CAD Drafting – Mechanical Design (CT)
  • CAD Draftsman – Architectural (AS, CL)
  • CAD Draftsman – Mechanical (AS, CL)
  • CAD Operator (CB)


  • Economics (AA-T)

Electronics/Electrical & Computer Technologies

  • Computer & Networking Technology (AA, CT)
  • Electronics Technician (AA, CT)
  • Industrial Electrical Technician (AA, CT)
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Technology (AA, CT)

Emergency Medical Care

  • Emergency Medical Care (CE)


  • Engineering (AS)
  • Engineering Technology (AS)


  • English (AAT)

Fire Technology

Fire Technology (AA, CT)

Foods & Nutrition

  • Foods & Nutrition (AA, CL)
  • Dietetic Service Supervisor (CE)


  • French (AA)


  • Geography (AA-T)


  • Geology (AST)


  • German (AA)

Health Sciences

  • Health Sciences (AA)

General Education, CSU

  • CSU General Education (CSU-GE-Breadth) (CT)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration Technology

  • Commercial Refrigeration Technician (AA, CT)
  • HVAC Technician (AA, CT)


  • History (AAT)

Human Services

  • Human Services (AA, CT)


  • Humanities (AA)


  • IGETC (CT)

Industrial Maintenance Technology

  • Industrial Maintenance Technology (AA, CT)

International Studies

  • International Studies (AA)

Kinesiology & Athletics

  • Kinesiology (AAT)
  • Physical Education (AA)

Liberal Studies (Teacher Preparation)

  • Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)
  • Liberal Studies (AA)


  • Mathematics (AST)


  • Music (AAT, AA)


  • Nursing, Registered (AS)
  • Nursing, Vocational (AA, CT)
  • Nursing, Assistant (CNA)


  • Philosophy (AAT)


  • Photography (AA, CL)


  • Psychology (AA, AA-T)


  • Physics (AS-T)

Radiologic Technology

  • Diagnostic Radiologic Technology (AS, CF)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (AA)


  • Sociology (AA-T)


  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (CT)


  • Spanish (AAT)

Teacher Preparation

  • Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)
  • see also: Liberal Studies

Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Arts (AAT, AA)


  • Welding Technology (AA)
  • Advanced Welding and Metal Fabrication (CL)
  • Entry Level Welding (CE)
  • Pipe Welding Technology (CE)